Easy to Follow Home Remedies For Baldness

Baldness as we all are aware of it may or may not be a medical condition. At times things may get out of hand when a person experiences excessive hair loss from his scalp. Head full of Hair is Crowning glory of a person. Hair fall not only disturbs individual mentally but also signifies the poor health. Though there is no permanent solution for baldness except some surgical procedures even though they are just long term not permanent solution. So we have tried to explain the symptoms, causes and Home remedies for hair loss.

Hair loss signifies the lack of estrogen in the human body. There are various treatments available for the treatment of hair loss.


Curd with camphor is found to be effective to treat baldness and condition of the scalp. Take curd and camphor, both in equal quantity (3-5 tablespoon). Mix it thoroughly. Smear this paste over affected areas of the scalp for three-four hours. Clean the scalp with warm water.


Honey is also known help promote hair re-growth. Make paste of egg yolk and cover the entire affected scalp with it. Allow it to stand for 1-2 hours and wash the scalp. In the same way, onion juice and honey can be mixed together and applied to the affected area. This remedy has also helped to people having receding hairline.


Lemon too is another tried and Tested for the treatment of hair loss. Take a lemon and cut it into two pieces, and rub it over the affected area. It may take around 2-3 months to see some effective result, though it is known for its positive result. In the same way lemon seeds can also be dried and powdered along with black pepper. Mix this powder in sufficient amount of water and apply over the bald scalp. Wash it off after some time.


Massaging scalp helps in blood circulation. Gently massaging with pores in a circular way is also very important in bringing back the blood flow to its normal. There are homemade hair oils, paste that helps in the growth of hair over the bald scalp. Most of these oils and herbs can be used 3-4 times a week.

But I would recommend the easiest one and most trusted of all the hair massage and that is coconut milk. Apply coconut milk over the entire scalp and allow it to stand for a half to one hour. Wash the scalp with warm water.

Post Author - Taalib Durden