Home Remedies for Head Lice

Lice are parasitic insects that live in our hairs and scalps. They need blood to survive. Head lice are spread easily from person to person by direct contact. So regardless of personal hygiene, anyone can catch lice. Nits are lice eggs, usually yellow to white in color, and attach to the hair shaft. They hatch within 7days. They have six legs, and are grayish-white.

It requires an immediate action against them as they grow rapidly. Lice killing formulas that are subscribed and bought from the market can be very harmful. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use head-lice medications. On the other hand home remedies for lice are safe to use. It can be used over and over.

The feeling of itchiness is caused by the lice bites. Frequent scratching of the scalp can cause further inflammation and in rare cases, the skin can be infected which may trigger infection.

Home Remedies for Head Lice

• Oscimum sanctum is an herb which protects the hair from lice and can be used as a preventive measure.

• Hair shall be exposed to proper ventilation and shall also be kept dry. Natural way to achieve this is to take sunbath for a few minutes every day.

• Rub alcohol to hair soak 10-20 minutes, and repeat after a week. It is an effective natural remedy for head lice.

• Wash your hair with vinegar. It will kill lice eggs and helps in preventing their growth.

• Apply conditioner to your hair and use a lice comb to comb them out, do it every couple of days until there are no more lice for at least 2 treatments in a row.

Post Author - Nick Mutt